Types of Training Every Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Needs

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1. Anatomy & Physiology

The Normal and Abnormal: This includes a thorough training on the human anatomy and physiology – the functions of the various organs, the different parts of the organs, and what happens if they function abnormally. This training is usually conducted by doctors.

2. Diseases

What are the various diseases for which the company offers medicines? What are their symptoms? What is the future?.

3. Drugs

What are the drugs available for a particular disease? How does the drug help cure the disease, and what are its indications and contraindications? This training is given by a pharmaceutical specialist.

4. Sales Process

Once sales representatives complete their medical training, the next step would be a through process training on how to work with doctors, how to break the ice and open the conversation, how to introduce the drugs, and how to promote the drug and company. This sales process is critical for effective communication with the doctor. This training usually covers soft skills needed to make a sale and is delivered by a senior sales trainer.

4. Handling Objections

Finally, sales representatives are trained on how to handle the doctors’ objections. How to reply in a dignified way without being harsh with the prospect.

Once a sales representative completes this training, he is ready to work with doctors and promote your company’s drugs..

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