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Get your sales reps to see more physicians through Ammras Organizer 

An effective sales representative call means showing the right materials, at the right time.That's it, Ammras is a tool which helps your representative to do that.

Ammras is an innovative MR Reporting tool which makes your team focus on what really matters.

It equips life science companies with the decision support tool which analyzes real-time market data, channel activity and HCP (Healthcare professionals) with preference to provide life science companies with insights, clarity, and guidance to deliver the right information at the right time.

It makes use of data, extracting only what’s relevant and valuable at the time of the decision-making process and present it before you and your field force. We focus on simplicity and usability thus make team focus on selling by the effective utilization of time to build up a strong relationship with HCP, in order to generate more revenue.

Now have a look at our value points, how we serve each role in your team.!!

(1)“MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE”, We love the beauty of the PROFESSION

We through Ammras try to contribute as much as possible to reduce their workload with the use of technology. We stand with them to enhance their productivity.

"We make them Empowered and Informed with data and knowledge they needed."

This is how we help them.

Easy Planning & Scheduling

Our MR Reporting Software help them to arrange a better Standard Tour plan considering all the factors like Manager Visit dates, Super Core -Core call Pattern without Missed Call, Campaigns, Conversions and so on. How can a  person remember these sorts of things, We through our Pharma SFA Software help them to take care of those things and automate planning as much as possible.

Simplify the target 

Target is a basic word that Medical Representatives fear all the way.We through our Pharma Sales Force Automation help them to Identify potential Doctors and achieve the target. Through our Pharma Survey Module and its analysis part, they can identify who all are the potential customers that I have and who all are the potential customers in the market that I never utilized and which all products should be promoted to whom. This will make sense . Medical Representatives start  Loving Ammras - Pharma SFA software

A complete System

MR Reporting Software helps you in time management, expense management, effective communication, HRMS, and more.

E-Detailing System

MR Reporting System helps you to prepare and give wonderful presentation to clients with few clicks. Track and analyse the client interactions with deep analytics attached.

MR Reporting software

Automation through Assistive Intelligence

Save more time with automation. We through Pharma Sales Force Automation software try to automate every aspect of your business and cut out time for intensive repetitive tasks. Streamline visits, notify missed and trigger instant actions.

PRe & Post Call Analysis

Sales representatives can quickly brush up before entering a client call with our Pharma SFA Software so that you are much more prepared and ready to make a sale.
Ammras pharma sales force automation software punch in important data that goes directly in your daily work report. Do not spend an additional minute preparing daily call reports of medical representatives.

Communication Platform

We help in improving teamwork with communication and joint work update features in our MR Reporting. We eneble remotely working manager and you work as a team with mutual updates and suggestions.

MIS & Smart Analytics

The analysis is an integral part of a successful person. We analyze things for you in the background and suggest you with abstracts like Day closing Abstract, Week Closing Abstract and Month closing abstract. We arrange analysis data in Mobile so our Medical representatives can make use of it

(2) Managers!!

MR Reporting software

Managers are treated as Google.

It is not like that, they too need helping tools in managing the team and need some strategic supports in process, that's why develop Ammras Manager Sales Force Automation Mobile application which helps managers to manage the team through mobile application for the first time in the whole Pharma Marketing industry.

(1)Ammras is the best MR reporting software for managers We help them to view live reports with the track of teammates with GPS Location. All the daily live reporting information like Area of work and Doctors planned, Reported Area, Doctors visited, Product promoted and Feedback, etc are available in his mobile through our medical representative reporting app in live.

(2) We through our  MR reporting software help them to make Tour plan in a better-organized way through which they can cover all strategic or potential calls and visit all his potential teammate's areas and utilize his time better.

(3) Most important task of a first-line manager is following the conversion plan. Ammras Pharma SFA helps them to focus on the conversion plan and strategy and track it. They can set conversion and targeting doctors for a duration with product priority and track the activities Medical representatives are performing against it.

(4)We through Ammras MR Reporting System give them real-time reports and insights about each team member's work. We help them tracking activity allocated to team and performance analysis

(5)MR Report analysis should be done whenever it is possible, that's why we arrange all reports like Missed call report, Call Avg report, Call Pattern Analysis sort of report in SFA Mobile application. We help them in reviewing the report and enhance sales.

(3) Top-level administrators or company directors !!

Accountability : Assume now it is 3 pm, do you know what is your team's activity and achievement as of now?

Ammras MR Reporting software is pioneering in capturing up to date information from the deployed pharma field force in a professional manner with the aid of most modern technology. Hence, you can always monitor the teams update activity and analyze it productively, for a still better profitability index. Through our MR Reporting Mobile application you can also monitor as to how your team is performing against set goals with the support of this innovative tool.

Mr Reporting Mr Reporting

Reports and insights from MR Reporting System

(1)Through our Pharma Sales force automation software MIS module you will get powerful, real-time analytics that can help you make smarter business decisions.

(2)Through Pharma SFA sales module you can Measure and manage your organization’s territory-wide sales performance.

(3)Track your key performance indicators, including current trends and future predictions, based on the Doctor product priority and Chemist product movement plot data captured in your MR Reporting software.

(4)Conversational AI-Receive intelligent alerts, task reminders, and suggestions for the best times to contact your leads based on your past successful interactions.MR reporting software will update you who all missed the alerts.

(5)Ammras MR reporting system is the best sales representative reporting  software that gives you immediate results.

MR Reporting software

Be honest, are you getting desired benefits by using your existing MR Reporting software?

Most of MR reporting software didn't provide any sort of benefit either to the company or to the team, while Ammras application is designed to lend a helping hand to your team for better productivity; as we are committed to drive your company to a system based business organization which will eventually produce expected revenue.


Why Choose AMMRAS MR Reporting?

Ammras is not a simple MR reporting software instead it is the one which has a powerful practice that will help to grow your business in no time.

It will help your Medical representative to follow up on every leads call and help in avoiding Missed call based on the Call pattern.

It will help them to organizing the territory of work based on based on survey potential

It will Establish a system based process to your company which results in enhanced sales.

Out tools will facilitate Managerial intervention, where ever needed and support the forward movements without any hurdles.

Ability to set up and start Marketing right from day one.Easy migration from spreadsheets and other MR reporting system.

Mr Reporting Mr Reporting Mr Reporting
Mr Reporting
Mr Reporting

All our features are indeed userfriendly we promise you.

Ammras research team develop all our highly specialized products by collecting constant feedbacks from the actual customer group at a periodic interval.Ammras is the company principally based on Lean startup principle which developed all its innovative products as an iterative one as per the feedback loop from market (Learn, Measure, Build loop).

It is a self-serve product, based on the latest technology. We are implementing AI based Distributed assistive intelligence technology in pharma marketing industry based on ML and Bigdata.

Ammras gives most value for the money in Pharma Marketing - (MR reporting software).

It is a SAAS based product where you can pay us from the profit you make.

Mr Reporting

Try it for free! Learn how Ammras can help grow your business.

We just need 15 day trial run from your side to make you convince on above. Get more Sales, make smarter decisions, and boost your bottom line.