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Can AI Improve Sales Productivity in Pharma

I have always wondered as to 'why' a sales performance review or a call coverage or frequency review is done after 3 to 4 months in a meeting where the 'way forward' and 'strategy' unfolding is the priority.

Today, the contemporary sales force automation tools like Ammras which are fast catching up has enabled the MR to 'self-manage' or 'self-direct 'his day to day effort areas, be it calls, frequency or time spent on relevant brand promotional activities.

More importantly, the FLMs have access to these tools and the relevant 'dashboards' for 'ON TIME' review in smart phone. Hence, course corrections including re-directing the behaviours of their team members to- wards improved performance can be done close to the event. This also gives greater opportunity to COACH than merely direct. This results in 'proactive' approach and reduces the 'reactive' mode fostering greater align- ment and improved collaboration.

My simple understanding of sales force performance management is summarised as under-


    Take action as soon as possible - the sooner you intervene the better

   Consider how you might be contributing to the performance issues

    Make a concrete, measurable plan for improvement

    On the job coaching - very important in joint field work

    Follow through - monitor their progress regularly and closer to the event.


    Forget to follow up and no timely feedback

    Getting into directive mode when coaching is required

    Being vague about things and not doing the necessary homework

    Talk about some one's performance issues with others on the team

Sales Performance is an ongoing activity. It's every day, after every customer interaction. It's very dynamic. People want to know on an ongoing basis, 'Am I doing right? Am I moving in the right direction? Do you think I'm progressing?' Nobody's going to wait for 3 to 4 months after the cycle is over to get that feedback.

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