Good Fieldwork Data = Good Marketing

Sharpening Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

Analytical and critical thinking skills are the pre-requisites for a brand manager to analyze and interpret the data collected during eld work and convert it to information.

After eld visits, to analyze and think critically, ask these six questions:

1. What am I doing for my brand which others are not doing?

1.1 What shall I do next which is really different, yes, really different?

1.2 What is stopping me from doing something really different?

1.3 What is the most important thing which I should do for my brand?

2. Why did I do what I am doing now?

2.1 Why is this problem with my brand happening?

2.2 Why is it important for me to try differently?

2.3 Why not give the new idea a try?

3. When did I notice the problem?

3.1 When will I start working on the problem?

3.2 When will I fnish?

4. Where will I get all the information to get there?

4.1 Where will the brand go if I don't get the information?

4.2 Where else can I get the data required?

5. Who says this is a problem?

5.1 Who will solve the problem?

5.2 Who will bene t the most from this?

5.3 Who shall I involve to take me there?

6. How will I achieve what I want to achieve?

6.1 How shall I get there?

6.2 How do I know I am on the right track?

6.3 How will I get others interested?

Getting answers to these six questions can really help a brand manager to get answers to all the critical questions required to build a strong brand. He can convert Real Field Work Data to nurture his brand. Brand Managers who use analytics well, outperform those that don't. Good Fieldwork Data = Good Marketing

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