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One and only one tool which makes pharma salesforce management possible.

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Ammras is a tool which makes your team focus on what really matters thus enhance sales productivity.

It equips life science companies with the decision support tool which analyzes real-time market data, channel activity and HCP (Healthcare professionals) preference to provide life science companies with the insights, clarity, and guidance to deliver the right information at the right time.

It makes use of data, extracting only what’s relevant and valuable at the time of decision and present it before your field force. We focus on simplicity and usability thus make team focus on selling by making utilization of time to build a strong relationship with HCP generate more revenue.

Have a look at our value points :

It's 3 pm, do you know what is your team's activity and achievement that happen today?

Ammras is pioneering in capturing up to date information from the distributed field force. So you will always have up to the minute data on, how your team is performing against goals.

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Be honest, are you getting some benefits by using a reporting software?

Here we can list expected a result from a reporting software. (1) Detailed accountability of team - Real time activity accountability. (2) Representatives productivity enhancement results in sales. (3) Team management in a single software - Results in mobility collaboration and teamwork. (4) Forecasting monthly sales - Based on daily process flow. (5) Mold to a system based business. Yes, Ammras delivers you the above.


Have a feeling your team could be more productive?

Ammras is not a simple product, It is a tool which has powerful practices that will grow your business in no time. Follow up on every leads call, organize the territory of work, establish a system based process which results in enhanced sales.

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It's actually easy to use and implement, we promise.

Ammras research team developed the product considering feedback from actual customer groups. It is a self-serve product, based on latest technology.

Ammras gives most value for money in field force management.

The only product which commits to enhance your sales. We achieved it all over the world.

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